Damien Vatel unveils wall veiling Duran Fork Sculpture at Ciel Plaza


“It’s a really depressing day,” noted Vatel Restaurant Family publicist Cristine Vasquez, president of SO’R International PR, as Damien Watel put the final touches on the wall that veils the Gilbert Duran Fork Sculpture at Ciel Plaza today.

Journalists, patrons, and fans gathered to watch on as Damien — owner, chef, and developer of Ciel Plaza on Stone Oak Parkway in north San Antonio (above) — inaugurated the wall which blocks view of the work of art from Stone Oak Parkway. Damien commissioned the sculpture after opening Ciel Plaza, which features his two newest restaurants, Ciel and Ciao 2.

Damien was forced to construct the wall by the Stone Oak Property Owners Association who has claimed that the fork was in violation of zoning laws, calling it advertising instead of a work of art.


The wall (above) was completed a few days ago and was painted today by construction workers before Damien added the final touch: a red silhouette of the fork, reminiscent, he noted, of a devil’s pitchfork.


Onlookers were treated to mimosas and croissants from Bistro Vatel Bakery, which helped to soothe the pain at watching a great work of art be censored.

Photos courtesy Mosaic Wine Group.


6 Responses to “Damien Vatel unveils wall veiling Duran Fork Sculpture at Ciel Plaza”

  1. C’est magnifique!!!!!!!!!!!! beatiful job. Go Damien Watel. Go Cristine Vasquez.

  2. Damien looks kinda like Gregory Peck here, doesn’t he?

    Chapeau bas, Damien!

  3. I just love government. They always seem to have enough energy to give decent hardworking people a hard time… but don’t do anything about the real criminals.

  4. rich flocker Says:

    Beautiful!!! Thanks for the mimosas, I really enjoyed the hospitality!

    Les Bon Temps Roulette!!

    But will the SOPOA finally get off your back and let you focus on operating your business in peace?

  5. Thanks to all the supporters, it was always meant to be art, art it is and ihope we get to the artistic business of cooking soon and forget the silly fork battle.Even though the attention gets to be a bit much , publicity is one thing positive for the artwork itself and public awareness about DURAN the artist , and is validation for the rest of us for encouraging such creations.
    lets hope our (whole) city gets more and more public art.
    thanks to all

  6. […] to all the supporters. The Fork was always meant to be art. Art it is and I hope we get to the artistic business of cooking soon […]

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