Partying down with paella at Ciel Plaza


Ciel Plaza
Ciel and Ciao 2
20626 Stone Oak Pkwy
San Antonio, TX‎
(210) 481-7001‎

Damien Watel and all of us at the Vatel Restuarant Family would like thank everyone who came out to party down with Ciao 2 Chef Patrick Edward’s excellent paella yesterday evening at Ciel Plaza. Chef Patrick has been cooking professionally for 10 years and he joined us at Ciao Lavanderia more than 6 years ago. Bravo Patrick! The paella was DELICIOUS!


The patio at Ciel Plaza is a family-friendly environment and a great place for private parties.


Ciao 2 pizzaiolo and Chef Chris Nelson makes all of our pizzas using this specially designed wood-fired ovens, like the ones used to make pizza in Italy.


Latino music recording artist James Martin and his band Medianoche provided the beat. Check out James’s myspace here.

Thanks again everyone, for coming out to share the paella love! We hope to see you again soon at Ciel for fine French cuisine (open lunch and dinner) or Ciao 2 for casual, fun Italian fare.

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